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Golf holidays and golf and specialist cruises

Golf cruise destinations

You can cruise and play golf almost anywhere in the world. Here are some of the most popular destinations for golf cruises:


For that holiday of a lifetime, take a cruise around the exotic islands of Hawaii. Here you will discover some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, with lush valleys and tropical vegetation set against a backdrop of volcanic peaks.

  • More than 80 golf courses on six uniquely different islands
  • Unpack once and travel with ease and style on your cruise ship from course to course – easier than flying between the islands!
  • Perfect climate for year-round golf
  • Pre and post cruise stays can be organised, allowing more time to play other courses and marvel at the magnificent landscapes

The Caribbean

Enjoy the cultures, cuisines and rhythms of the Caribbean as you sail from one island paradise to another. The mix of European, Latin American and African influences make this an exotic destination.

  • Escape to this wonderful climate – especially in winter when, in the UK, the days are short and courses can be wet or frosty!
  • Cruise between volcanic and coral islands, stopping off to play a variety of different courses and experience an array of challenges
  • Many courses are on the coast and offer spectacular views


Bermuda has a wonderful climate and a unique beauty. Tiny pieces of coral give the beaches a pink hue and the sea an amazing turquoise colour. Pretty houses, with their white rooftops, are scattered across this archipelago of more than 120 islands and islets.

  • Here you will find the world’s highest number of golf courses per square mile
  • Renowned as a stunning golf destination
  • Nine superb courses – designed by some of the game’s most respected golf course architects

The Mediterranean and the Canaries

Nearer to home, the Mediterranean and the Canaries are the most popular destinations for golf holidays for Europeans. The rich history of the area and the diversity of the terrain and cultures ensure there is always plenty to see and do when not on the golf course.

  • A wide range of excellent courses, many at championship level, throughout the region
  • Play golf in several different countries
  • A lovely climate that offers year-round golf

The Baltic

In the summer, the weather in the Baltic and Scandinavia is warm and the long days are perfect for golf. In fact, this area is growing in popularity as a golf destination. There are many established courses and an increasing number of new ones ready and waiting for you.

The Mexican Riviera

The Mexican Riviera is one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world. Along the Pacific coast of Mexico, are the delightful ports of Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa and, of course, fabulous Acapulco. You will find wonderful beaches and coves behind which are stunning cliffs and lush vegetation. Coupled with this, the Mexican Riviera is a year-round destination, although it can be a little too hot and humid in August and September. The best time to visit is from October until May.

A popular destination for the North Americans, cruise itineraries are many and very varied. There are some fabulous championship golf courses along this coastline and you will not be disappointed with a golf cruise to this wonderful part of the world.

Where in the world would you like to visit and play golf? These are the most popular destinations but you can play golf on world voyages, or on cruises around South Africa or South America. Call Fairwaves and we can help you choose.