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Cedar Valley Golf Club, Antigua

Review by Kirstine Mayall - April 2009

Photograph of Cedar Valley Clubhouse

Cedar Valley Golf Club is a short drive from St John's, the capital of Antigua, where our ship was docked. There were no course planners available but Ian, our pro, had given us some tips on how to play certain holes – particularly on the front 9!

The first two holes are straight forward but, on the 3rd tee, be ready for a surprise! Long hitters should only take a 3 wood or a long iron for position as the hole turns sharply to the right to a strategically-placed elevated green.

The 4th and 5th holes are both doglegs to the left and so drivers are not required again. We were advised not to cut the corner on the 5th as there was a lot of trouble on the left.

On the 7th tee, aim to the left of the marker post as you may run out of fairway on the right. The 9th has a big slope from left to right and, again, play cautiously for position.

Kirstine & Alan on the 18th tee

On the back nine, there were no more dog legs with blind tee shots. It is worth pointing out that the 12th green is elevated and quite narrow from front to back, making it a small target to hit. The view from there is stunning. It is also important to make sure that as you leave the 13th green, you cross the road to the 14th tee. It is very easy to go to the 17th tee by mistake! All in all, the second nine holes are very scenic and the 18th makes a great finishing hole in front of the 19th!

We all enjoyed this fun course and came away with respectable scores –and we were glad we had Ian’s tips on how to play the front nine!